Wide Apertures and Fluffy Pups

I bought a prime 50mm lens that opens up to f/1.8 with some extra money I'd saved.  I went over to both my parents' house and my sister's house last week to get a few quick shots of their dogs while there (and a friend's dog who happened to be there, too).  Even though it opens up that wide, I still had to bump up the ISO to 400 in most shots and even 1600 in others due to low light conditions.  I really hate going above 400, but its necessary at times.  The dramatic DOF was really fun to play with; getting up close on their nose totally blurs their eyes and vice versa.  While these are by no means perfect shots, it taught me something about where the focus needs to be if shooting at f/1.8 .  I figured I'd post them here because who doesn't want to see super cute pups?