Brick OTR Vignette

To help raise awareness of a local non-profit, I did a short video for MORTAR about their pop up shop in Over-the-Rhine (known as Brick).  My friend, Derrick, is one of the minds behind the non-profit, so he got me in touch with his partner, Allen, and together we hashed out a plan to tackle their social media presence.  At the time of the recording, the pop up shop was occupied by an entrepreneur named Victor Morales, so I put together a little vignette about his story and what he’s trying to achieve by working with MORTAR.

I do not have the funds to purchase a professional video camera, so it’s shot with an iPhone 6S and a Nikon D3200.  The audio was separately recorded with a handheld Sony IC recorder.  I edited everything using a combination of iMovie, Photoshop, Audition, and (oddly enough) Keynote.  The music is an original piece composed by my dear friend, Myles Foale.  I had a really nice time putting this together for MORTAR because I think they’re doing something incredibly important for the community of Over-the-Rhine and the area in general with their pop up shop model, and I honestly cannot wait to do more work for them.

Here’s the description of the video from YouTube:

Victor Morales collects the works of brilliant artists across North and South America and sells them at 'Maya Handmade Jewelry & Crafts' in Brick OTR's pop up shop at Vine and Mercer Streets.  With the help of the pop up shop space, he's able to sell his art to interested customers with the goal of starting his own gallery here in Cincinnati.  This is his story.