Wilkymacky Alley Experiment

Today I researched how to take an audio file and remove the background noise in Adobe Audition.  I needed to learn how to do this so I can conduct interviews for an upcoming project I'm going to do for a local non-profit, so in order to test out what I'd learned in an interesting way, I walked up to Wilkymacky Alley and recorded the alley speaker (if you've been past the alley, you'll know what I mean).  I took it home and removed the high pitched bleating that accompanies the warning and composed the video above using the new audio, a video of TV static to replace the grey sky for a moving visual component, and a static picture of the Wilkymacky street sign I took earlier this week.  I repeated the video three times to illustrate how it can be posted to Instagram and looped infinitely.

It's not my first foray into mixed media, but it's the first time I've done anything in-depth with audio and I'm happy with the result.