Bob Schwartz, the ethos of downtown

A rough sketch of Bob Schwartz.  He's notable as both a friendly Cincinnati persona and as a key documentarian during today’s Renaissance in the Queen City.  He’s undoubtedly unique, sporting an iconic aesthetic to back up his distinctive personality, which highlights his persona among the masses in the urban core and surrounding area.  People trust and relate to him on myriad levels due to his consistent support of quality people, places, and things; from local businesses to interesting venues to significant people in the community, he highlights the best the city has to offer.  Many follow Bob on social media, read his informative blog, and meet up with him around town because he’s both approachable and genuinely interesting.  Whenever I’ve spoken to him myself, I’ve routinely come away from the conversation enlightened in some meaningful way.  He’s also an avid supporter of public transit and biking and encourages ideas to promote a more walkable Cincinnati, something about which I myself (while less vocal) am equally passionate. And he’s everywhere.  If someone is tuned into the community of the CBD, OTR, the West End, or Northside, there’s a high likelihood they know or know of Bob.  Being so plugged in as he is, he continuously documents the happenings around Cincinnati with camera and keyboard, reaching out to the community as a friend, encouraging positivity wherever possible, and questioning authority when it needs to be questioned.

It’s inconceivable that you’d be reading this blog without also sharing awareness of Bob’s, but in the event you’re unfamiliar, head over to for a curated guide to the spirit of Cincinnati and the elements that make it so wonderful.

Also check out Bob’s wonderful Instagram account replete with photos of all things Cincinnati.  He’s on Twitter, too, so give him a follow.