I'm having an art show this weekend.  Here are the details:

Where: Crazy Fox Saloon (901 Washington Ave, Newport)
When: May 6
Time: 7 PM to 10 PM
What: Sixteen pieces of art that collectively tell the tale of twilight transition in Cincinnati, emphasizing the inherent emotion therein and the importance of our history that has been memorialized by our ancestor’s beautiful lasting architectural endeavors.


I've spent a long time and a lot of dollars to produce it, so I'm hoping people come out to see the collection and purchase pieces of it.  It'll stay at the Crazy Fox for several months after opening night, so interested parties can still go see it at their leisure.  I will be at the opening night celebration.  Oh, and hors d'oeuvres will be served.  Please come and watch me squirm as I struggle with social anxiety and the fear of everyone thinking I'm a pretentious a-hole the entire night.