Derrick Braziel

My good friend, Derrick, is co-founder and managing director of MORTAR, a local non-profit that helps people of all socioeconomic levels achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.  He asked me if I could film and edit a video for a grant proposal that would help finance MORTAR and I agreed to do so.  I took off work and we spent the day together in order to film him doing what he does best.  After 14 hours of rigorous filming and a late night editing, a 3 minute video, of which I'm very proud, emerged and made its way to his inbox.  Derrick loved the final product and I put it on YouTube so he could share it (even though he's extremely humble and hates to self-promote).

I'm proud to call him my friend and I think what he and his organization are doing is history in the making.  Cincinnati and the people within it are better for it.  By helping the poor and giving chances to those who are routinely shunned by society, we are a better city deserving of their hidden talents.

This is Derrick's story.  Visit to learn more about his organization.