Old St. Mary Had a Church

Several weeks ago, I visited Old St. Mary's Church at the corner of 13th and Clay Streets in Over-the-Rhine. Finding myself there in passing but once before, I was never granted the pleasure of spending any notable length of time inside the building (primarily due to not being part of its congregation due to my lack of being Catholic). This time, however, I was there for work.

Our CincinnatiRefined.com intern tagged along. Her job was to photograph the space for a gallery; my own duty, by contrast, was checking off a personal photographic bucket list item. As you'll gather by the inclusion of the abundance of photos below, it resulted in a satisfying, proverbial upward permanent marker-squeak of success.

I won't go into the history of the church here. Quite frankly, non-secular history fascinates me less than that of our secular institutions. That's still a puzzle about myself that I'm working on solving since the only real explanation I have references my lack of interest in personally participating in organized religion. Then again, I've no interest in running a hotel, but the history of hospitality in Cincinnati is chief among the subjects aching for my attention at the moment. Explanation: useless, it seems.

Digression aside, below are the results of the photoshoot.