313 W. Fifth Street

I was given permission by the owner of 313 W. Fifth Street to enter the premises and photograph the inside of the building last Friday.  Myself and my friend who runs the @decayofpastglory account went in and scoured all four floors as best we could in the limited amount of time we had.  Over creaky floorboards and under sweltering summer conditions, we poured over most every corner trying to get as many shots as we could from every possible angle.  The building is in bad shape, but construction crews are working to resolve those issues; massive holes in the floors and an entire missing portion of the side of the building make for a treacherous walkthrough.  Back in January, the building suffered a partial collapse and an emergency demolition order was sought to prevent further catastrophe.  Luckily, the building was stabilized and efforts to save it are under way.

Below is a gallery of images of the building and its interior.