How to Treat an Introvert

My good friend Tiffany sent the image below to me today.  She's fantastic and consoles me when I vent about feeling like garbage about my difficult, introverted personality.  Last night she texted me until 1 AM while I had an acute bout of anxiety about my lack of integration into the world I wish to be within.  I am not very outgoing when it comes to many people because I'm extremely awkward and don't feel comfortable in a lot of "normal" social interactions; I've become very neurotic at the end of my twenties, and she knows this about me (one of the reasons she's such a good friend; she's extremely patient and lets me be me without judging).  When I read the 12 ways to care for introverts below, I can't believe how spot on every one of them are.  It's like if an archer with a quiver of 12 arrows keeps bulls eyeing the target, splitting every preceding arrow with the next one while creating a beautiful flower of splintered wood by the end.  There's always at least something I don't fully agree with on images or lists like these, but not a single point below doesn't nail it spot on.  It's like Guide to Introverts for Dummies and I love it.

If you fall into this personality type, I hope you find this as relatable as I do.  And if this doesn't fit your personality but you have a friend who does identify as introverted, take note of these 12 points.  You'll be a better friend if you follow this guide and it'll make them happy.

Source: Google.  Just search How to Care for Introverts.  No, I won't do it for you.

EDIT: After tweeting the link to this blog post, I stumbled upon a Twitter feed called @IntrovertDear and it featured two pictures that I really enjoyed.  They can both be found on their feed.