2 Kinds of People

Not pictured: the series' pivotal sleepless protagonist, Phil.  We actually have no idea who this guy is.

Two posts in a single day?  What madness is this?  But of course, dear reader, this can only be another riveting episode of the hit NBC series Phil's Insomnia (basically every weekday, 12/11 central).  We're in the middle of a particularly dramatic season with non-non-stop action, witless writing, thrilling self-doubt, a scene in which a blueberry muffin is consumed through muttered expletives, absolutely no romance, and lackluster cliffhangers aplenty all piled into twenty five episodes that can all be compared that one super boring episode of Breaking Bad.  It's a wonder it has been picked up for another season, but you can't argue with Nielsen box results.  Give the people what they want!  How many coffees will Phil consume by nine the next morning when he's mindlessly staring at an Excel spreadsheet of job-related information while using every bit of his power to not drop his head forward onto his desk in unbearable fatigue?  Find out, it's hilarious!

Alright, enough of that garbage.  Self-deprecation is only truly enjoyable while sitting in the comfortable armchair of retrospection, not so much as it's happening.  I'll get to the crux of it because none of this preamble is worth a damn and you're probably eating a blueberry muffin muttering expletives at this thing since it has been pointless thus far.

I'm writing this because I want to plug a Tumblr that I think is pretty swell*.  It's called 2 Kinds of People and it's a simple concept that I think is worth sharing.  The whole point of it is to pictorially differentiate the behaviors of two categories of people within relatively mundane contexts.  For instance, the picture below.


I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here, but in case you don't get it, the image represents the kind of person who doesn't want to think about entering arbitrary birthdate information to get past an age-related content barrier on the left and the kind of person who wants to waste valuable seconds by entering their exact birthdate because they probably think the FBI will find out and arrest them for being dishonest on the right.  Chances are you're one of these people if you've ever used the internet in your life.  It's a simple idea and it's extremely relatable.  I like the minimalist style of the artwork and how it accurately represents a concept without being flashy and obvious.  I appreciate its subtlety.

There are currently four pages of these things, one person depicted on the left and the other on the right.  They're purposefully polarizing in order to fit the theme of 2 Kinds of People; there's little room for a third option with many of these drawings.  I like that.

Below are a few more examples that I really like.

I'm a landscape guy.  No no, I work at a desk, I don't mulch and plant tr--no, I said that because of the pictu--ugh, nevermind.

Hell is a special place where murders, rapists, people who talk at the theatre, and people on the right go when they die.

This one is my favorite.

There are more where that came from, so check out 2 Kinds of People and enjoy yourself.  It's probably my favorite Tumblr, narrowly beating out this one.  If you have any other good Tumblr suggestions, feel free to comment below.


* I was born in 1938.