A handful of instances wherein my work has been published or featured by online outlets, organizations, galleries, and in print.


The Sanctuary of Our Souls: The History of Plum Street Temple

First Edition (print). The Plum Street Temple celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016 and created a hardback book detailing its long history. I contributed 20 high res photos for this book.

PhotoScouting Cincinnati


First Edition (print). Chris Glass' People's Liberty project, PhotoCorps, published a book containing locally-sourced photography based on specific community themes. I contributed 5 pieces to it.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Feature

Nine of my photos were featured in a piece that briefly touches upon me as an active photographer who is interested in preservation and our built environment.

Terrace Plaza Hotel Photography

The National Trust for Historic Preservation in DC published a piece about the former Terrace Plaza Hotel and included photos I took of the building to complement the article.

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Book

'BLINK Cincinnati: Future City - A Photographic Journal' is the official commemorative book of the event of the same name. Several of my photos from the 4-day celebration were included in the book.

Madisonville: Neighborhood Edition 2017

Within the PhotoCorps project, individual neighborhood books were produced. I contributed to the Madisonville edition.

Save the Dennison Campaign

I painted the ill-fated Dennison Hotel to create a poster for the Cincinnati Preservation Collective's campaign to help raise awareness. Printed versions were hung around Cincinnati prior to its demolition.

Historic Plum Street Temple Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Place In Downtown Cincy

Cincinnati Refined article and photo gallery which features more of my photography of the Plum Street Temple than was in the book above.

Ledge Gallery's 'Lilliputian Landscapes' Show

I was the highlighted artist for August 2016 at Over-the-Rhine's former Ledge Gallery location. CityBeat subsequently wrote about the gallery and included my show in the write up.

A Comprehensive Guide To The Many Skywalks Of Cincinnati

Cincinnati Refined article and photo gallery.

These Pics Prove That It's Entirely Possible To Walk From OTR To MadTree Brewing

A photo walkthrough for Cincinnati Refined.

The Phoenix Is A Restaurant, Bar, Event Venue, & Gorgeous Historic Building All In One

Cincinnati Refined article and photo gallery.

Ohio Book Store Has Been Selling Books On Main Street Since 1941

Cincinnati Refined article and photo gallery.

The Hannaford: Covington’s Newest Cocktail Bar Is Named After One Of Cincinnati’s Most Prominent Architects

Cincinnati Refined photo gallery.

Cincy Through The Decades: 150 Years Of Architectural History

Cincinnati Refined article and photo gallery.

American Marketing Association Event Photography

A collection of photography chronicling AMA monthly events was published to their website.

These 20 Buildings Showcase Cincinnati's Hotel History

Cincinnati Refined article and photo gallery.